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"I was lucky enough to work in the London Latin Scene in the 90’s with a lot of groups including La Clave, Picante, Roberto Pla and Negrocan. I joined Snowboy and the Latin Section in 1993 and my journey into Yoruba culture began. Being on the road with band members Snowboy, Dave Pattman and Davide Giovannini gave me an insight into Bata rhythms and various religious chants such as the one at the end of the title track of this album; "Chango".
The Afro Cuban population from the 1700s onwards was made up from three ethnic groups. One group came from Congo which includes where Angola is now. The second were Yoruba people who lived in what is now Nigeria and included Arara people who are close to Yoruba culture. The third group were Carabali people who came from what is now Cameroon...
...The music from each of these three cultural groups fed into Cuban music and had it’s own strong identity which was passed down through subsequent generations. In general terms it was this fusion of Spanish music in Cuba and the music brought by the slaves from Africa that made Afro Cuban music...
...It is the music of all these cultures and their God, Chango, that was the inspiration for making this album; a homage to their music, culture, religion and spirit."

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