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Duets for Clarinet & Piano (Clarinet & Piano Scores)

Composed by Neil Angilley, Duets is a book of 11 compositions for Clarinet & Piano in  Classical, Jazz & Latin styles. The price of £30 includes 2 books - 1 for Clarinet & 1 for Piano. Also included are Piano mp3 backing tracks for the Clarinetist to play along to.


This book was composed between October and December 2020 with the exception of the tune ‘Figurilla’ which was composed in 2001.


The first tune in the book, ‘Shifting Sands’, was inspired by the ever constant shift of sand in the Sahara Desert. I attempt to represent that constant shift by constantly shifting the rhythm throughout the piece.


‘Thank You’ was written for all the people that have helped others in the tough year of 2020, whether it be medical staff who help to save lives, carers for the elderly, people getting food and other critical supplies to us all or someone helping a neighbour.


‘The Woods’, composed in 3 movements, is written about the many walks I have taken in The Ashridge Estate with my wife. In Movement 1 we enter into the woods walking through the carpets of bluebells. Different species of butterflies are abundant as is a rich diversity of flowers. Movement 2 takes us deep into the woods, the scattered light shines through the trees and all is calm. There is a sense of enchantment deep in the ancient woods. Movement 3 celebrates the beauty of the wildlife such as the deer that run wild, along with the squirrels, birds and other creatures that call the woods their home.


‘Figurilla’ uses the dance rhythm Candombe which comes from Uruguay. The piece describes a dancer in the form of a figurine dancing to the music.


 ‘The Brook’ takes us back to nature and is a simple reflective piece.


‘Pixinguinha’ was a Brazilian composer, arranger, flautist and saxophonist in Rio de Janeiro. He is considered to be one of the greatest Brazilian composers of popular music, particularly within the genre of music known as Choro. The song is a Choro and a homage to Pixinguinha.


‘Shimmering’ is a description of the amazing shimmering light that we see on a still lake or body of water.


‘El Toro’ is a Tango influenced by the great composer of Tango and  bandoneon player - Astor Piazzolla.


The last piece in the book is ‘Prelude No.1’ which takes us back to the great composers of the Romantic era of music. This composition takes its influences from Chopin, Schumann and Liszt, amongst others. 



Duets for Clarinet & Piano (Clarinet & Piano Scores)

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