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Recorded live at the 606 club in London on the 21st March 2019. With over an hour of music, this live album showcases the trio at it's very best.


"In 1985 I moved from a small village in Cornwall called Indian Queens to London in order to study piano and composition at The Royal College Of Music. It was during my time as a student that I first discovered the 606 Club. After leaving College I used it as a rehearsal space to try out new compositions with my trio and it was during one such rehearsal that I first met Steve Rubie, the owner of the club. He had been listening to us rehearse and he offered me a gig at the club …… and the trio was born!


Several years later I joined the house band Samara and became a regular at the club.


The 606 Club originated as a small 30 seater basement venue at 606 Kings Road. It cultivated a solid reputation through the 70’s and 80’s amongst musicians and audiences as the jazz hang-out and in May 1988 it moved to its present basement site at 90 Lots Road.


I have always thought of the club as my second home and it is somewhere that has let me grow and flourish as a composer and performer. Steve and the people who work there - James, Lauren, Laura, Sam, Esther, Nicky, Fergie and J.P. are like family to me, and are the soul of this amazing musical institution. 


Some 30 or so years later the trio have released our first live recording, aptly recorded at the 606 Club. 


This album is dedicated to Steve Rubie and all the wonderful people at the 606 Club, my family. Thank you."


- Neil Angilley 18/01/22



Neil Angilley - Yamaha Grand Piano, Raagini & Voice.

Davide Giovannini - Drums  & Lead Voice.

Davide Mantovani - Bass Guitars (Tobias - Fretted, Yamaha TRB 5-2-F - Fretless) & Voice.


1. Chango                                                               

2. Butterfly                                                           

3. The Old Man Of Coniston                             

4. Lake Windermere                       

5. Ullswater                                         

6. Havana Club.                                 

7. Pequenita                                           

8. Indian Summer.                                                   

9. Fruta Madura                               


Total Running Time:                        78:45


Mixed and Produced by Neil Angilley

Recorded live at the 606 Club, 21st March 2019

Mastered by Phil Scragg

All arrangements by Neil Angilley


Artwork by Dominic Osborne at Brace Media

All images © 2022 Neil Angilley

Live At The 606 CD

    606 Live DC
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