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Composed by Neil Angilley, the trio have released a 2018 recording called ‘The Lake District' . It is an eclectic mix of Jazz & Classical music, for Piano, Electric Bass & Drums.


This is the complete Piano Score for the Lake District Album. Accompanying the score is a Play Along (or music minus 1) which includes the Drums and Bass as played on the album plus a click track including count ins. Just load the files into Garage Band, Logic or any other similar DAW program and play along.


The piece is written in 9 movements which form a musical description of the beautiful Lake District in England. The work is dedicated to children’s author and conservationist

Beatrix Potter who owned and donated a lot of the land in the Lake District to the National trust.

The composition draws on influences from great British classical composers such as Elgar & Vaughan Williams.

The Lake District Piano Score

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