Composed by Neil Angilley between October and December 2020. The Woods is a composition in 3 Movements for Clarinet, Piano & String Quartet (duration is approximately 18mins). The price of £35 includes 6 books - Clarinet, Piano, Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola & Cello. 


‘The Woods’ is written about the many walks I have taken in The Ashridge Estate with my wife. 


In Movement 1 we enter into the woods walking through the carpets of bluebells. Different species of butterflies are abundant as is a rich diversity of flowers. 


Movement 2 takes us deep into the woods, the scattered light shines through the trees and all is calm. There is a sense of enchantment deep in the ancient woods. 


Movement 3 celebrates the beauty of the wildlife such as the deer that run wild, along with the squirrels, birds and other creatures that call the woods their home.


The Woods for Clarinet, String Quartet & Piano (All Scores inc.)