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Released in April 2021, Yambou is the 4th Album by the Neil Angilley Trio. It is 62 minutes in length and consists of 8 tracks. Yambou is a fusion of Latin, Jazz & Funk with a touch of flavour from the East. There are 6  original compositions and 2 arrangements of tunes by Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter.


Neil Angilley - Steinway Piano (Model D Model Gran Coda 2011), Fender Rhodes Mk2, Synthezisers, Vocoder, Accordion & Voice.

Davide Giovannini - Drums (Zildjian Cymbals, Yamaha Drum & Remo Heads) & Lead Voice.

Davide Mantovani - Basses (Tobias - Fretted, Fender Precision - Fretted, Fender Jazz Bass - Fretless, Yamaha TRB 5-2-F - Fretless) & Voice.

Special Guest, Snowboy - Congas, Pandeiro, Bongos, Doumbek & Percussion.

Yambou CD

    606 Live DC
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